Daftare Yadasht Series - 12 - Daftare Yadasht 12


Watch Daftar Yadasht 12 (سریال دفتر یادداشت قسمت دوازدهم) is produced by Iran and directed by Kiaresh Asadizadeh. This Series is in the family genre. In this Serial , actors such as Reza Attaran, Hassan Majouni, Kazem Siyahi, Sogol Khaliq, etc. have played roles. The story of the notebook series about Iraj and Hamid, old friends from childhood, their heads hurt to follow up criminal cases, their feet are inadvertently opened to the case of serial murders. A case that becomes pregnant with more dangerous events when they enter, but the story is more complicated than these words, in the meantime, Iraj constantly forgets everything and everyone due to his unique brain problem.